Features of Steiner Education

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Steiner education works for all children irrespective of academic ability, class, ethnicity or religion.


Steiner education takes account of the needs of the whole child - academic, physical and emotional. 

Based on Child Development

Steiner education is based on an understanding of the relevance of the different phases of child development to optimal learning.

Develops Enthusiasm

Steiner education develops a love of learning and an enthusiasm for school.

Develops Imagination

Steiner education sees artistic activity and the development of the imagination as integral to learning. 

Tried and Tested

Steiner education is state and commonwealth funded, and considered mainstream in some countries. 

Respected worldwide

Steiner education is respected worldwide for its ability to produce very able young people who have a strong sense of self and diverse capacities that enable them to become socially and economically responsible citizens. 

Also know as Waldorf education, Steiner education is a unique and distinctive approach to educating children practiced in 60 countries and cultures around the world (1200 schools and 2000 early childhood centres and kindergartens). Currently, it is one of the fastest growing international independent school movements. The government of each country, where it is represented, recognises Steiner/Waldorf education.

Evidence / Research

Research data from a comprehensive research project on Australian Steiner schools conducted by Steiner Education Australia, showed that: 

  1. Over 80% of parents said they selected our schools because they are Steiner schools and reflected parents' own values.
  2. 86% of parents were satisfied with their choice - a higher result than in other similar surveys.
  3. 92% of parents were satisfied with an arts-based approach to learning.
  4. 85% of parents valued the well-rounded nature of the education, the teach-to-the-child approach, and the culture and values of the school.
  5. 88% of students have good relationships with their teachers and 90% reported good relationships with their peers
  6. Alumni results were very positive. 89% agreed that what they learnt was highly appropriate to later life, 95% agreed that attending a Steiner school has been an asset to their life and 94% would recommend a Steiner School education.


The first school opened in Stuttgart in 1919 based on the understanding of child development and learning put forward by Dr. Rudolf Steiner. The first Steiner School in Australia opened in 1957. There are currently 50 independent schools in Australia and 8 State schools in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia offering an alternative Steiner Stream. 

The over-arching purpose has always been to bring about a renewal of education - a broadly based global education towards wisdom and transformation as opposed to a narrower, vocational acquisition of skills and knowledge. 

About Dr. Steiner

Dr. Steiner was an Austrian academic, philosopher, artist and visionary (1861 - 1925). An innovative academic, his ideas formed the basis of anthroposophy and focused on many areas including education, agriculture, medicine, architecture and social reform. His views on education and child development inform Steiner teachers. 

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