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Learning takes place through story and picture

At the foundation of our Kindergarten classroom ethos is the importance of inspiring in the children a love of learning and supporting them to be the highly engaged and enthusiastic, in their daily learning.

Each day the children learn through story and experiential activity, learning foundational literacy skills through story and picture, and early numeracy through hands on activities, using concrete materials, is vital to our approach.

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Morning Circle

Each day begins with a dynamic, physical morning circle in which the children learn to recite poetry, songs, rhymes, counting games and body based developmental activities that enliven them and wake them up for the day. The class one children learn to play basic recorder songs while the kindergarten children clap the rhythms and sing seasonally inspired songs.


Weekly Rhythm

The weekly rhythm encompasses a range of interactive and creative activities such as water colour painting, gardening, baking, wood work, social games, soft craft and creative play. However, much of the focus in the early years of schooling is on helping the students establish social skills, and supporting the development of respect and consideration within the classroom

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Nature Play

A new Kindergarten nature playground complete with mud kitchen, hobbit hole and water play brings many hours of enjoyment.



In English studies the children experience a range of Traditional Folk and Fairy Tales, which are used as a springboard for reading and writing, for speaking and listening and developing rich vocabulary.  In this way, the children discover the alphabet and the corresponding phonetic sounds through the wonderful medium of story, in a living, meaningful and memorable context.


In Mathematics, the children discover the value of numbers through story, number play and hands on kinaesthetic experience. From here, the children are introduced to the world of number through story characters who lead the students on a journey of discovery and mastery of the basic mathematical processes.

Science, HSIE & History

In Science, HSIE and history we focus on the deepening of the child’s connection with the natural world through the celebration and exploration of the seasons, and the examination of the world and the ways we live.

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2020 Term Dates

Term 1Wednesday 28 January - Friday 3 April

Term 2Monday 27 April – Thursday 25 June

Term 3Monday 20 July – Friday 18 September

Term 4Monday 12 October – Wednesday 9 December

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