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FAQ About Steiner Edcucation

What is Steiner Education?

Steiner education is recognised as a highly valued approach to helping young people develop flexible and agile thinking alongside an ability to collaborate and thrive in a 21st century world. 

Steiner education takes account of the needs of the whole child - academic, physical, and emotional, and is based on an understanding of the relevance of the different phases of child development to optimal learning. 

To read more, visit About Steiner Education, Features of Steiner Education, Evidence / Research, or Steiner Education Australia

What is the main difference between a Steiner education and a state based education?

Is the Steiner education movement growing globally and nationally?

Steiner education (also known as Waldorf education) is practiced in 60 countries and cultures around the world (1200 schools and 2000 early childhood centres and kindergartens). Currently it is one of the fastest growing international independent school movements. Steiner schools and student numbers are increasing around Australia. 

When do you introduce technologies into the classroom?

Steiner education has always has a considered and graduated approach to the use of digital technology in the classroom. 

Computers, the Internet, and smartphones were not around in Steiner's day. We now live in a highly technological age - the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - the age of Cyber Space. Young people need to be digitally literate. 

Digital technologies are shaping our world we want our children to master but not be shaped by them. For us, it is a quetion of when to introduce digital technologies, not whether to introduce them. 

The Steiner approach is based on Steiner's picture of providing the healthiest context in which the whole child can develop - a three-fold development of head, heart and hands in  balanced way. 

Given this context of holistic development, we believe the most beneficial time for the introduction of digital technologies in the classroom is the upper primary years or early secondary years. 

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Why do you limit the use of technology in a primary school?

Steiner education builds capacities, not just skills.

Children need to be encouraged and supported to be imaginative, creative, curious and articulate. 

Diverse research studies have shown that spending time in front of a screen for young children can interfere with overall development. For their optimal physical development children need to be active, not sedentary. For their social and emotional development they need to be interacting with other human beings: peers, teachers, families - collaborating, questioning, sharing, negotiating, listening, talking etc. For their intellectual development they need to be thinking, curious creative, problem-solving out of lived experiences. 

Also, the impact of digital technology on student performances has been mixed at best over the past decade.


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What is the focus in Steiner education?

The focus in Steiner education is always on the pathway to the healthiest possible development of the whole child: academically, physically, aesthetically and socio-emotionally. 


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Is Steiner recognised as a legitimate education?


FAQ About Tallowood Steiner School

What are the school fees?

It is part of Tallowood Steiner School philosophy to provide accessible Steiner Education to all. As such we endeavour to keep our school fees low. Read more here.

Do students wear uniforms?

Our students do not wear uniforms, however, we do have a hat policy and have shoes-off classrooms. 

Do you have school rules and how do you manage behaviour?

Yes, we have a School Code of Conduct and each class has class rules. 

Why do you keep class sizes under 20 students?

What are the school times?

School times are 9am to 3pm. If students arrive earlier than this..

What are the term dates?

Term dates can be found here.

Do you offer a Transition to School Program?

What are the transport options are on offer?

School bus services are available from Macksville, via Wirrimbi, Bowraville, Missabotti, North Arm Road and surrounding areas. Children living more than 2.8km from the school are entitled to free travel passes. In addition to this, we offer a private school bus service to and from school five days per week.

See more info on buses, including routes here

What extra curricular and sport options do you offer?



Music Program 


Movement Program 


Drama Program 


Other Extra-Curricular Activities

What camps do you offer?

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Office Hours9am-3pm, Mon-Fri during school terms

Our school, staff and students respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of the Gumbaynggirr nation on which we live and work. We extend this respect and reverence to all Indigenous Elders across all nations through the world.

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