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The highest endeavour of education is to help develop balanced individuals who are able, out of their own initiative, to impart purpose and direction into their lives.

Tallowood Steiner School has as its primary aim the provision of a unique, high quality primary school education based on Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of education and child development. We strive to actively support children’s growth and development, and to nurture their thinking, imaginations and healthy physical bodies, in six key ways: 

Well-structured environment

By ensuring that the learning environment and the class/school culture is well-structured, non-permissive, highly visible and explicit and that task-orientated behaviours and attitudes are consistently maintained and reinforced. 

Fostering growth in all areas

By providing children with a learning environment, including a curriculum and a timetable, which helps them to enhance their growth across all the areas in which they are actively developing as growing human beings. 

Reach individual potential

By ensuring that each child is provided with the necessary conditions to reach their individual potential academically, socially, physical, personally and morally.

Active, experiential learning

By ensuring that the Tallowood Steiner Curriculum and Timetable allow for dynamic learning opportunities in all areas; academic subjects, the arts, music, drama, speech and recitation and creative play. Active experiential learning is a hallmark of the Tallowood curriculum and this is reflected in the teaching methodology for each year level.

Valuing individual learning styles

By valuing each student’s individual learning style, pace and individual achievements, strengths and challenges and providing the framework and stimulus for continual growth.

Assisting child development

By ensuring that the educational continuum across the primary school years assists children to grow and develop soundly across the broad spectrum of developmental stages.

At Tallowood Steiner School, children’s personal, social, physical and moral development are valued as being as important as academic, and artistic development. 

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Small class sizes

Tallowood offers small class sizes enabling a healthy amount of individual attention to each child’s learning needs.

Parental Involvement

In all year levels, we invite and encourage parents to contribute to the children’s learning experiences, any area of expertise  that may be offered within our curriculum framework.

Seasonal Festivals

One of the delightful aspects of community at Tallowood is the sharing of four Seasonal Festivals, across the school year.

Educational Programs

The Tallwood Steiner Curriculum has been developed, in response to the context of a small country school, with 2 operational models of either 3 or 4 fulltime teachers and mixed age classes. This process was completed by the school in consultation with a Curriculum consultant, with expertise in both Steiner Curriculum and NSW Board of Studies requirements. This Curriculum takes the fundamental building blocks of the traditional Steiner Curriculum and makes adaptations to meet our unique Tallowood educational situation. While there are obvious differences in the way the Steiner Curriculum is delivered to the multi age groups, the fundamental principles of Steiner Education remain firmly intact. These include an intrinsically artistic method of curriculum delivery, a dynamic emphasis in active doing and creating throughout all the classes and a central awareness of the developmental stages of childhood that children pass through in their development towards adulthood. 

The separation of classes levels are dependent on the demographics of students on any given year, but general will be the one of the options:

  • Four teacher model
    • Kindergarten 
    • Class One and Class Two 
    • Class Three and Class Four
    • Class Five and Class Six
  • Three teacher model
    • Kindergarten and Class One, 
    • Class Two and Class Three
    • Class Four, Class Five and Class Six

Tallowood offers small classes enabling individual attention to each child’s learning needs. We offer a rich, experiential curriculum, complete with a dynamic craft and manual arts program. Music is integrated into daily classroom life and all children from class one learn to play the recorder. Language lessons are taught once a week to all students, (according to Specialist Language staff availability), by a qualified language teacher.


Tallowood encourages and actively supports:

  • The development of dynamic, creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Children’s moral and social development
  • The nurturing of children’s innate creativity, in all its forms and stages.
  • Healthy peer relationships and interaction.
  • Positive parental input and contribution.
  • Core values of inclusivity of race, culture, spiritual and philosophical beliefs
  • A strong daily rhythm, healthy routines, self-discipline and care for each other and our environment.


While children are simultaneously developing their physical bodies, their emotional, social and moral selves and their academic capacities, different aspects take predominance at different stages of their growth and development.

The curriculum and methodology of Steiner schooling is based upon a clearly articulated view of child development and is responsive to the development needs of children as they grow through the different phases of childhood.

Effective education needs to address what is actively at work within the children at any given time, and that all development is of equal importance.  The curriculum balances academic subjects with artistic and practical activities.

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Our school, staff and students respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of the Gumbaynggirr nation on which we live and work. We extend this respect and reverence to all Indigenous Elders across all nations through the world.